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A new chapter of the eternal rivals of the Lvbp will be written tonight, when the Lions of Caracas receive the Magallanes Navigators at the University Stadium, with the peculiarity that they arrive urged of a victory that allows them to ascend in the standings.

Both novenas arrived at the fourth week of the championship as last of the classification with a 7-11 record, 5.5 games away from the leader, the Eagles of Zulia. That is why this third duel of the particular series of the 2019/20 between hairy and buccaneers promises to be full of intensity, as none would like to be relegated to the basement.

Although the capitalists won the previous two matches, they do not start as favorites, presenting serious problems in the rotation, reaching the point of not having a defined pitcher to start before the electric. The option that left-handed Manuel Flores is the opener is handled, although also reliever Carlos Rodríguez adds votes to be used as an “opener” by manager Harry Guánchez, who is moving several pieces in his pitcher’s body to find optimal performance.

For its part, the filibuster set will send the Dominican Adrián Salcedo to the UCV mound, who already knows what it is to live the emotion of a Creole classic. The right-hander threw Leones on the 14th of this month, carrying the loss, tolerating five scores, of which only two were clean, in 6.1 innings.

Magallanes arrives with only three wins in his last ten commitments, while in that same period, Caracas has won one more victory. However, a celebration before the historic rival could give an injection of motivation to either team.

Although it is announced to take action over the weekend, Luis Jiménez must pass through Antonio Herrera Gutiérrez Stadium today, to greet his teammates from Cardinals who, back to Barquisimeto’s nest, receive tonight at the Magellan Navigators.

Jiménez, 37, returned to the red bird’s thanks to a change with Caribes de Anzoátegui that took place last Wednesday, in which the left-handed Alex Torres passed to the whole of Puerto la Cruz.

The tough left-hander returns to the team with which he became professional 18 years ago. In thirteen seasons with the twilight (2001-02 to 2013-14), he intervened in 505 games and left a lifetime average of .302 (from 1597-483).

In June 2014, Lara sent him to Margarita along with Mario Martínez in exchange for César Hernández and Carlos Rivero.

In Margarita, it did not turn out to be the homer they were expecting, and the directive soon went out to negotiate it.
In August 2016, it went from Margarita to Anzoátegui by Óscar Salazar.

Jiménez is the left-handed hitter with more home runs (100) and towed races (394) in the Venezuelan Professional Baseball League.

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